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Thank you to everyone who took part in our FREE book promotion service!

Although this free service is no longer available, you can still have your books promoted on our blog and social media by signing up for one or more of our paid book promotion options.

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Digital Book Girl offers FREE book promotion on Twitter and Facebook on a once per author basis.

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To have your book promoted for FREE on our Twitter page where we receive over 850,000 organic impressions each month follow the simple steps below:

  • follow us on Twitter at
  • ensure you have a picture of your book posted to your Twitter account
  • send us a direct message on Twitter with a URL to your book

If you are unable to send us a direct message on Twitter tweet to us using @digitalbookgirl as contacting us on Twitter is the quickest way to get your book promoted by us for FREE!

If you’ve already received a FREE book promotion from Digital Book Girl, we welcome you to sign up for one or more of our paid services here.

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We prefer Amazon URL’s where available as our followers are comfortable downloading and/or purchasing books on that platform. If your book is not available on Amazon, please send a URL to your book at another large retailer such as Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple Books, etc.

We’ll also cross promote your book on our Facebook page for FREE at where our posts accumulate an organic reach of 3,000 to 6,500 views each week!

And you’ll never have to wonder whether or not your book was posted, as we will reply to your direct message upon posting to either platform so follow us on Twitter and send us a direct message on that platform with a URL to your book today!

Disclaimer: We do not make any warranties and/or guarantees that you will experience results through our products and/or services. Click here to read our complete Charting and Earnings disclaimer.

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Digital Book Girl gets results! See just a few examples below of authors who have used our FREE book promotion services to achieve a #1 position in both free and paid categories on and!

The Cubit Quest went to #1 on Amazon UK’s Best Sellers Chart in Teen & Young Adult Humor Nonfiction eBooks:

Amazon UK Number 1 Teen and Young Adult Humor Nonfiction Best Seller eBook

Joey Flynn’s Extraordinary Tale went to #1 on’s Best Sellers Chart in Children’s Christian Books:

Amazon US Number 1 Christian Children's Free Books Category

Alliance of Evil (An MP-5 CIA Series Thriller Book 5) went to #1 on’s Best Sellers Chart in Military Thrillers:

Amazon US Number 1 Military Thrillers Free Books Category