Book Trailer Advertising

Digital Book Girl offers book trailer advertising in 30-day packages.

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Why have Digital Book Girl advertise your book trailer?

Benefits of having your book trailer advertised by Digital Book Girl on our blog include:

  • Your book trailer will be seen by people who love and purchase books
  • We are highly active on social media and funnel traffic directly to our blog thereby increasing interest in your books
  • Your likelihood of higher sales (for paid books) and downloads (for free books) is greatly increased
  • Increased awareness of your YouTube Channel (if you don’t have a YouTube channel you can create one free)

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Each 30-day book trailer advertisement on our blog includes:

  • An image of your book cover on our Featured Book Trailers page
  • Your book cover image linked directly to your book trailer on YouTube for quick and easy viewing
  • An announcement of your book trailer advertisement on our Twitter & Facebook pages

We advertise our Featured Book Trailers page on the side menu of our blog which is displayed on 200+ pages on meaning that no matter which page visitors access on our site, the Featured Book Trailers advertisement will be visible on the side menu portion of our blog!

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To be promoted your book and book trailer must meet the following conditions:

  • Your book must be available for purchase/download on Amazon or another major retailer
  • Your book cover/book trailer must not contain graphic violence, pornography, or offensive depictions of graphic sexual acts
  • Your book must be your own original content, and must not infringe on the copyrights of others
  • Your book trailer must be available for viewing on YouTube (if you do not have a YouTube channel you can you create one free—this link will show you how)
  • Your video description on YouTube must include a direct purchase/download URL to your book on Amazon or another major retailer to ensure customers can easily purchase/download your book(s) after viewing

Not sure if your book trailer is acceptable for promotion? Contact us today with a URL to your book trailer on YouTube so we can check it out!

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