Random Reads

Check out these random reads for your next favorite book…

Jaded by Michelle Bellon - Random Reads  Evanthia's Gift (The Gift Saga Book 1) by Effie Kammenou  Waiting for Aegina (The Gift Saga Book 2) by Effie Kammenou  Chasing Petalouthes (The Gift Saga Book 3) by Effie Kammenou  Elemental Rising The Elemental Trilogy Book 1 by Toni Cox 2  Beginning Again A Short Romantic Adventure by Barbara LB Storey  The Big Book of Baby Bible Names  Pursuit by Gene Hackman  Chasing the Banyan Wind by Bernadette Gabay Dyer  Butterfly Wish: A Doomed Interracial Love Affair Set in Post War South Korea by D. Davidson and R. Marcano  Individual Advantages Find the I in Team The I in Team Series Book 1 by Brian Smith and Mary Smith small  Dawn Of The Ancients Daniel  Tapestry of Family by Sylvie D Parris  Chasing Cas: The Lost Lunason Series Book 2 by Stacie Sultrie  

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