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Through Digital Book Girl’s Reader’s Club authors have the opportunity to have their books reviewed for FREE by a wide panel of book enthusiasts!

And reader’s are afforded the opportunity to receive FREE books in exchange for their honest feedback on Amazon—making for a win-win situation!

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If you’ve struggled in the past in trying to gain book reviews, remember you’re not alone and that there is help available to you through our FREE book review service!

Benefits of having your book reviewed by Digital Book Girl Reader’s Club include:

  • Reviews are posted to Amazon
  • Reviews are honest and unbiased
  • Reviews help you sell more books

What this service is not:

  • this service is NOT a paid service
  • this service is NOT a review exchange
  • this service is NOT guaranteed as Reader’s Club members are free to select only the books they want to read—visit our Reader’s Club page here for more details

Acceptable Books for Review:

Fiction and non-fiction books are acceptable for review through our Reader’s Club however Digital Book Girl reserves the right not to accept certain content, such as pornography or other inappropriate material for promotion to our Reader’s Club members.

How to get your book in the running for FREE reviews:

Complete the following for a chance to have your book(s) reviewed for FREE by our Reader’s Club members:

  1. Signup for a FREE Reader’s Club Membership here (required)
  2. After you’ve signed up for a FREE Reader’s Club Membership complete the form below

The above does not guarantee your book will be reviewed, but it will make it eligible!



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