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These posts are meant just for authors and include helpful tips and useful resources for those looking to get ahead in today’s publishing marketplaces!

Why author websites are important & how to easily get yours!

Most authors understand the need for a professional website in order to help elevate their brand, grow a mailing list, and give their readers more ways to connect and interact with them.

Where most authors run into trouble is not having the technical knowledge needed to create and maintain an outstanding website or blog. That’s why Digital Book Girl has done the research, Continue reading

How to break into the Audiobook market for less!

How to break into the Audiobook market without breaking the bank!Audiobooks are the fastest growing segment of the publishing market.

A recent survey by the Audio Publishers Association showed that 50% of Americans have listened to an audiobook, and that 24% of consumers have listened to 10 or more in that time. That’s a growing market! But how can you as an author break into the audiobook market without breaking the bank? Continue reading