Business Giveaways

Digital Book Girl offers Business Giveaways in 7, 14, 21 and 30-day advertising packages!

Digital Book Girl offers Business Giveaways in order to help businesses reach a wider audience with their products and/or services!

Want to create serious buzz for your business?

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Why hold a giveaway?

Giveaways are a great way for business owners to reach new audiences—not to mention they’re fun and exciting, and can also generate a lot of buzz when executed correctly.

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Why some giveaways fail?

We understand that many business owners center their giveaways around Amazon gift cards or other gift cards of mass-appeal which can attract a wide number of entrants, but fall short of keeping people engaged with their brand afterward because the giveaway and the audience are both too broad. The problem isn’t that your product and/or services aren’t engaging, but rather:

  • your giveaway fails to connect with the right audience
  • your giveaway is piled together with other giveaways and gets lost in the crowd
  • your giveaway fails to encourage an ongoing relationship between you and your customers

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What makes our giveaways different?

  • Our giveaways are FREE to enter and are geared toward a specific audience: authors and book lovers who are interested in specialty products and services such as audio book production, book trailer production, book publishing, web-hosting, etc.
  • Our giveaways are run non-consecutively meaning that we only run one giveaway at a time—making your giveaway the center of attention
  • Our giveaways encourage an ongoing relationship between product and/or service providers by promoting not only your product and/or service, but also your social media accounts and *blogs/websites (*where available)

We also provide great value in that our giveaways include physical prize packages which are awarded to a single recipient creating a winning combination of real, tangible and perceived value!

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How do we bring your products/services to a wider audience?

  1. Digital Book Girl is a high traffic blog that enjoys over 100,000 hits per month
  2. We use our blog, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts to promote our giveaways
  3. Our social media feeds enjoy large followings and our posts receive regular engagement
  4. Our Twitter feed alone receives over 850,000 organic impressions every month
  5. We are continually expanding our reach and growing our following

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What’s included in a giveaway?

Our giveaways are as individual as your business to keep things fresh & exciting and include:

  • 1 hard cover book – We provide one hardcover book of our choosing to be including in the giveaway. Business owners can choose to have the book wrapped in brown paper and listed as a “surprise hardcover book” to increase excitement, or leave the book as is to be clearly seen in the giveaway
  • 1 coffee mug or similar beverage container suitable for hot beverages (as selected by us)
  • 1 package of coffee or other caffeinated beverage (as selected by us)
  • 1 candle to promote a relaxing atmosphere (as selected by us)
  • 1 non-perishable snack item (cookies, crackers, a bag of tail mix, etc. as selected by us)
  • 1 article of chocolate (a bar, box or other format as selected by us)
  • *1 pair of socks or t-shirt for him (as selected by us)
  • *1 pair of socks or t-shirt for her (as selected by us)
  • 1 tote bag for your awesome giveaway (as selected by us)

*Where his and hers socks or t-shirts are not available, 1 decorative throw blanket will be used instead (as selected by us).

Example of a Business Giveaway:

The items in our giveaways are designed for a complete “book experience” with the reader’s needs in mind, and are color coordinated to make your giveaway both eye-catching and visually stimulating to create optimum excitement (as selected by us).

Business Giveaways Include:

  • A listing of your giveaway prize package on our popular blog which includes a picture of the giveaway prize package, your business name listed as: “Giveaway sponsored by: Your Business Name”, a direct link to the landing page of your choosing, plus the following additional links where available: your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and/or an additional link to your website and/or blog to increase traffic and awareness of your products and/or services alongside a blurb about your business!
  • A featured giveaway announcement on
  • A featured giveaway announcement on
  • A featured giveaway announcement on
  • A featured giveaway announcement on
  • Additional posts (excluding weekends and holidays) on our Twitter & Facebook pages to ensure your giveaway is seen by potential customers to help you sell more products and/or services!

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Business Giveaways Also Include:

  • Giveaways run 7, 14, 21, or 30-days on our blog and social media
  • We provide all contest rules and guidelines as required by law
  • We provide all prize items including the hardcover book to be used in your giveaway
  • We provide all shipping, handling, and/or other delivery fees to ensure delivery
  • We collect all entries on our blog including bonus entries for social media shares
  • We randomly select a winner from all eligible entries
  • We announce the winner on our blog, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages
  • We run only one giveaway at a time to ensure your giveaway gets the attention it deserves

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Businesses Are Subject to the Following Conditions:

To purchase a giveaway on your business must meet the following conditions:

  • Your business must not promote, facilitate and/or otherwise engage in violence, pornography, and/or hate related speech and/or propaganda of any kind and as such Digital Book Girl reserves the right to refuse product/service to any business found to be in non-compliance of the above at our sole discretion.

Not sure if your business is acceptable for promotion on our blog? Contact us with a URL to your business so we can check it out!

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Business Giveaways Are Extremely Limited:

We limit the number of business giveaways we do each year as a way to keep them exciting and engaging. Cost of service is $295 to $595 per giveaway depending on how long you want your giveaway to run.

Disclaimer: We do not make any warranties and/or guarantees that you will experience results through our products and/or services. Click here to read our complete Charting and Earnings disclaimer. By making a purchase you are hereby in agreement with our Terms and Conditions.

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Lite Package:

  • $295 for a 7-day giveaway

Standard Packages:

  • $395 for a 14-day giveaway

  • $495 for a 21-day giveaway

  • $595 for a 30-day giveaway

A cancellation fee of 20% is applicable to all giveaway purchases which are cancelled prior to going live on our site.

Contact us for assistance if you have any trouble using the “Buy Now” buttons above.

After you’ve completed payment you will be re-directed to a form wherein you will be able to provide your contact information and book details. If you are not re-directed to the appropriate form after completing payment, or if you have any other questions, please contact us.