Author of the Month — August 2018

Roman Godzich Featured Author of the Month Winner for August 2018Roman Godzich – Featured Author of the Month Winner for August 2018

Roman was born at a very early age. The shock of arriving on this planet was such that he didn’t speak for almost a year. Eventually he got over it and now people say it’s challenging to get him to shut up.

He is a polyglot who has lived and worked in a variety of countries across the planet. While this has left an indelible impression on him, particularly his appreciation of food and beverages, no one has ever been able to tell if this has left any true lasting impression upon the places he has passed through.

After spending much of his childhood as the imaginary friend of the kid next door, he decided to leave other people’s minds and live in his own. His website is designed to feature his literary musings and was built using 100% recycled electrons.

Despite attempting for years, he remains frustrated by the fact that he can’t wiggle his ears.

Check out Roman’s debut novel, No Higher Ground: (A Sam Czerny Novel – Book One), available now on Amazon or connect with him online on TwitterFacebook and Goodreads.

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