Amazon Book Listing Consultation

Digital Book Girl offers a consultation package designed to help you optimize your Amazon Book Listing in order to convert more of the people visiting your Amazon Book Listing into paid customers.

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Our Amazon Book Listing Consultation is not a service all authors require. Answer the question below to determine if you are a candidate for this service:

  • Have you driven a reasonable amount of traffic to your Amazon Book Listing through promotional and/or marketing activities only to receive little to no sales?

If you answered yes to the above, you are a good candidate for our Amazon Book Listing Consultation.

Why You Need an Amazon Book Listing Consultation Package:

Whether you’ve had a best-selling book or are new to the game, getting your Amazon Book Listing in order should be your top priority. Why? Because this is often the first point of contact between you and your potential readers.

The greatest advantage of having an optimized Amazon Book Listing as opposed to not having one is book sales.

With a poorly executed Amazon Book Listing, you could spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars, on marketing and promotional campaigns only for your book to receive little to no sales—and that isn’t going to get you on any best seller lists!

Jump-start your sales by connecting key marketing gaps in your Amazon Book Listing and advance your book from where it is now to where you want it to be—in the hands of as many readers as possible!

Even if your book is priced at free, without a well-executed Amazon Book Listing downloads will be far less than what they could be.

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What our Amazon Book Listing Consultation Package Includes:

A review and assessment of the following aspects of your Amazon Book Listing using a rating scale of high, medium, or low priority to help you understand why exactly your book isn’t selling as well as it could be:

  • Book Cover
  • Book Title
  • Book Subtitle
  • Headline/Introduction
  • Book Description
  • Book Price
  • Call to Action

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Our Amazon Book Listing Consultation package also includes the following facets:

Note: If you do not already utilize the following facets in your current Amazon Book Listing, you will be advised on how to acquire and/or include them in order to make your book more attractive to potential buyers:

  • Editorial Reviews
  • From the Author
  • From the Inside Flap
  • From the Back Cover
  • About the Author

Once the above aspects have been reviewed and assessed using a rating scale of high, medium, or low priority, a personalized Action Plan will be formulated to guide you, step-by-step, in the optimization of your Amazon Book Listing in order to help you sell more books.

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Personalized Action Plan includes:

Which adjustments are necessary, including recommendations and advice on how to correct any issues holding your book back from selling more copies in order to make your book as salable as possible.

What this Package Does Not Include:

This service does not include a re-write and/or re-design of any part of your listing.

To be clear, this service is not a “magic bullet” or an “instant fix” but rather a comprehensive evaluation of your Amazon Book Listing in which you will be provided with information and advice on how you can make your listing more marketable.

Successful authors understand the highly competitive and complex nature of the Amazon marketplace and use our book listing consultation package as a way to get a leg-up on the competition. If you are serious about selling books, and aren’t afraid of a little hard work in order to grow your readership, than our Amazon Book Listing Consultation package is right for you!

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Still not sure if your book could benefit from our Amazon Book Listing Consultation? 

Contact us today with a URL to your book on Amazon. All inquires will be answered within one business day.

Disclaimer: We do not make any warranties and/or guarantees that you will experience results through our products and/or services. Click here to read our complete Charting and Earnings disclaimer.

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  • $295 Amazon Book Listing Consultation

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