Supercharge Your Book Sales with Unbiased Reviews

Discover the simple secrets to getting free reviews by the truckload so you can skyrocket your book sales!

This results driven guide includes:

* how to get your books reviewed for FREE by legitimate unbiased reviewers
* mistakes you want to avoid when contacting prospective reviewers
* how to effectively track your submissions
* why you should never pay for reviews


* best practices to use when contacting perspective reviewers
* 55+ reputable book bloggers who review self-published books for free
* additional resources for even more legitimate unbiased book reviewers

You will be delighted to discover how easy it is to get unbiased legitimate book reviews for free when you go about it the right way, and you’ll also be inspired to write even more books when your reviews start flooding in!

Amazon Reviews:

Quick and helpful information. I’ll be putting everything I’ve learned into practice. – K.M.Keeton

I enjoyed the book! Right to the point helpful information with many valuable resources! For new authors and the experienced ones alike. – Barbee

One of the great irritations in the life of the reader is all the authors who put up shoddy books and then pay for glowing reviews so that they look like good books but are really just a scam. ‘Supercharge your Book Sales with Unbiased Reviews’ is all about how legitimate authors can get legitimate and honest reviews of their books. It’s most useful feature is a list of websites you can go to where people will volunteer to review your book if you ask them nicely. – Dianne W

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