The Earl of Giveny’s Grand Daughters

“He’ll be the Daddy and you’ll be the Mommy…your answer is, ‘Yes!’”

Katie pinned Josiah with the direct penetration of her gaze as the phone slipped down her shoulder, “You’re going to take my Ba-a-ah….” the words, ‘baby away from me’ never made it past her lips as her eyes fluttered and rolled back into her head with the same intensity that her neck lolled backwards as she went straight to the floor with the force of a mighty fallen oak.

‘Awww crap!’ Josiah momentarily placed a hand to his brow as he sunk to his knees to cradle her to him. Now what was he to do about a solution to his proposal?

Katie O’ Malley’s Grandfather had been born to a life of privilege. He had died a lowly town drunk. His perpetual warning to not go looking for the White Buffalo had not gone unheeded by his grand daughter. She kept her eyes and heart soley focused on bettering her and little Tiara’s life, as burdensome as it seemed. She took great care to not meddle with things that had no account in her life.

Josiah Montgomery was a scarred soul. Having spent his youth on a woman of greed looking to make more gain, he was certain that love was non existent with exception to his son, Joey.

When Joey and Tiara had happened upon each other that first day of school; they set a course that would use the scars upon each of their souls to become the thick substance that bound the four of them into a family bonded by love.

Love…the one thing upon Josiah’s mind that cold winter day as the golden eyes of the White Buffalo looked down upon him….

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A new story line that is a nice change from the more common story lines of today. This was a very enjoyable book. An original story about interesting characters. The story was well written with an intriguing plot. – C J

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