Freedom’s Voyage: The odyssey of Eleanor Billington

Author Cissy Hunt takes on the persona of her ancestress Eleanor Billington, and through extensive research of diaries and ship logs, recreates the voyage of the Mayflower to the New World.

Through her diary entries, Eleanor recounts the struggles and hardships of the Mayflower passengers in vivid and poignant entries, taking the reader along on a true Freedom’s Voyage.

The story of a woman, Eleanor, who gave up everything to travel across the ocean to a new world in search of a new life… As Eleanor Billington gazed across the sea, looking for a ship to appear on the horizon, doubt assailed her. Were she and her husband, John, doing the right thing for their family? They had made the momentous decision to search for a new life in the New World, but now, on the dock, among the crates that held their belongings, she wondered if the promise of becoming landowners was worth leaving behind home, family and friends.

As passengers on the Mayflower, the couple and their two sons would endure adversity that threw their new life in doubt — severe weather, sickness, even death accompany them on their voyage to freedom.

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