Our Trip to the Zoo

This is an educational, beautiful and colorful story about a little boy and his dad visiting the zoo.

They see 10 different animals and Landon shares his excitement and description with our young readers.

Want to know what they are? Want to know what Landon saw at the zoo?

Come and follow our story to see these 10 cool animals. Let’s count to 10 together…

Amazon Review:

I loved the rhyming. It made the short children’s book more fun to read. And I liked how the author pointed out animals from all around the world. It shows children that they are part of a global community just like the animals. Great read. Definitely recommend. I received this book as an advanced copy; this is my honest opinion. – jn752

Editorial Reviews:

“…With the beautiful illustrations, the young reader will enjoy touring the zoo with Landon and his father, as well as learning about the animals they see. The story is told in rhyming verse to make the presentation and the learning experience fun. This book is a real treasure.” – Emily-Jane Hills Orford, The Readers’ Favorite

“…The illustrations are brightly colored and cheerful, and the animals pictured are drawn in a way that will encourage kids to try drawing them on their own. Caregivers can follow up story time with challenges to find groups of ten in classrooms or homes to keep the math lesson going. Our Trip to the Zoo is highly recommended.” – Jack Magnus, The Readers’ Favorite

“…Number recognition is so important for children. Seeing numbers 1-10 with the shape and colors of the animals will help kids recognize and remember their numbers and children will love the story. Young readers will enjoy the beautiful illustrations and clever rhymes while learning about animals and numbers. Victor Teran clearly knows what it takes to create a great, memorable children’s book. As a mom and a teacher, I look forward to seeing what else he comes up with.” – Cheryl Schopen, The Readers’ Favorite

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