Three Sisters in a Tin House: How We Survived the Unimaginable and Unthinkable

Three Sisters in a Tin House is the chilling story of three little girls — Julie, Kristine, and Carrie — who survived the unimaginable and witnessed the unthinkable.

Their mother worked hard to keep clothes on their backs and a roof over their heads, but their abusive, alcoholic father worked even harder at making all their lives miserable. But he wasn’t the only negative force that brought terror into their home: a ghostly presence seemed determined to keep the girls’ lives off-balance, turning even the calmest moments in the home into episodes of pure horror.

Forever bound not only by blood but also by what they had endured, Julie, Kristine, and Carrie, along with their remarkable mother, Katrina, emerged with rock-hard resilience — but not without a fight.

Amazon Reviews:

What a ride! I could’t put this book down, constantly calling me back! I love the story and am completely emotionally attached to the characters. The only bad part of the book was that it ended. Ill be looking for more books by J.S. Stone. Great read. Highly recommended!!! – Robert and Jodi

I couldn’t put this book down. The author’s ability to share her experiences growing up with her sisters in an abusive household must have taken so much grit and courage. I can only imagine how she felt while writing this book. Some of the things those girls went through are just horrific. To have them all come out the other side of this abuse as strong women made me breathe a sign of relief for them. – Judith K. Martin-Tafoya

I loved the simplicity and refreshing way J.S. Stone wrote the story of her life growing up with her two precious sisters in a home filled with love and joy despite the abusive behavior of an alcoholic father. It is a story of how a Mother’s love and gentleness saved her little girls, which enabled them to grow up into lovely, successful women. It also depicts how a Southern family works together to bring joy, stability and a sense of self worth to their own. Love, family and God saved those sweet girls! A good read! – Amazon Customer

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