My Nana Was A Free-Range Kid

My Nana was an Outrageously Mischievous kid. In the 1940s and ’50s, children were allowed to run free, play outside, and use their imaginations—without parents constantly hovering over them and fearing for their safety.

In her own small town in North Carolina—with very little traffic, and neighbors who actually knew each other—Nana was no exception to the free-range kid phenomenon. But as an outrageously mischievous child that was left to her own devices, she sure got into some amazing and hilarious adventures.

It was a glorious time to be a child! Both of Nana’s parents worked, so she and her brother were often unsupervised. They wreaked havoc most of the time, thus living an exciting childhood.

Nana’s stories—told to her great-grandchildren—are all true. She relates how her family and neighbors survived in spite of her and is quick to let her great-grandchildren know what not to do. As she says, if she had lived as a child today, she’d probably be locked up in a juvenile home!

Amazon Reviews:

The term “free range” brings to mind wide-open spaces and living in nature, and spending hours soaking in the sunlight, going inside only when forced to by the weather. I see this book as good way to connect generations, as they explore similarities and differences in the way their grandparents entertained themselves “back in the day” and what children find to do for fun today. – Linda Ratcliff

A beautifully illustrated children’s book that retells the stories of the good old days of green grass and fresh air; where children played primarily outside, seating on back pouches and riding their bikes to school. It will be a fun read for any kid growing up because it tells a story they are probably unfamiliar with. Today things are so quick and technologically focused, it was great to look back at a more simpler time. – 0laak

Told from the perspective of eight-year-old Adalee, this story emcompasses the heartwarming relationship between children and their grandparents. The author has creatively included details exactly as a young child would see them and language exactly as a child would speak them. For example, Mimi and Pops live in Washington State where “lots of big trees grow and there’s a huge mountain with snow on it all year long” or “Tom was a lazy fat cat who kept mice away.” This book is a perfect way to connect generations and strengthen relationships, and it will make you smile the whole way through. – Brittani H

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