Andalon Awakens: Dreamers of Andalon – Book One

This exciting and action packed novel takes the reader on a journey to the continent of Andalon.

Fall in love with these fascinating characters as elemental powers awaken at a rate faster than can be controlled by the ever watching Falconers, eerie specters who share a strange symbiosis to their beasts.

Eusari, captain of the dread pirate vessel She Wolf, is stripped of everything she holds dear, forcing her to place trust in a man she barely knows. Robert Esterling fights to come of age and struggles with his own physical limitations while leading a civil war against his usurper brother. Meanwhile the Astian continent continues to dominate the people of Andalon as centuries of control unravel. Soak in the chaos as Braen Braston must accept his fate leading the others or remain a quiet outcast from the northern kingdom of Fjorik.

This action packed fantasy includes elements of post-apocalyptic science fiction and follows these unlikely heroes as they face political intrigue and work through personal struggles. Read along as they learn to use their powers without destroying the very people that they feel compelled to save against a new and much larger foe than Andalon ever dreamed.

Andalon Awakens is an emotional ride that will lead you to laughter, tears, and gasps along the way. T. B. Phillips is a craftsman who toys with your heart and leads you by the hand through expert world building, putting you inside each of his characters.

Amazon Reviews:

I am big into scifi and fantasy. Everything from GOT to Starship Troopers. My biggest requirement is world building and Andalon Awakens does an excellent job of setting up an interesting world. It was a page turner and I finished it in a few weeks. I also liked the political intrigue and lessons interspersed in the novel. I am looking forward to book 2. – Rnrocks11

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Though initially I found the repeated introduction of different characters confusing, I kept at it and began to be truly engrossed as the characters slowly developed. Cowardice, betrayal, courage, integrity, brutality, compassion, all appear. Strong female characters, too. I really look forward to the next book! Unlike other reviewers, I would not call this sci-fi, at least not hard. – Ravreader

I’m a huge fan of GOT and this particular sub-genre of Sci-Fi. You will be drawn in from the first page with the author’s vivid and artistic “painting” of his characters and their world. The book itself is beautifully done. It feels substantial and the quality is top notch. The font was easy to read and popped on the page. Do not hesitate to buy this book, your only regret will be the lack of sleep because you won’t be able to put it down! – mrsphy

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