Political Nightmare

War scheduler, Charlie Jatson, marries the first royal voted onto the throne by the public, King Kess.

With Kess assassinated in front of him, Jats tries to flee, only to get taken over by mind controlling bunny rabbit, Noveren Aycker.

Paisley’s seen images of Aycker’s teeth for years, in her mind. One day, he’ll find her. He’ll devour her Blessings.

Shereve’s fought long and hard to be accepted into the ornisapian army of Kood. Deemed disabled, unable to fly with four arms and no wings, she enlists in Vasagne’s mamosape army. Unbeknown, a magical gift stalks inside her, one that’ll help defeat Aycker.

This book contains violence and strong language.

Amazon Review:

Okay, don your imagination hats and prepare for an extraordinary ride. Humanoid animals abound in this world of unicorns, dragons, and flying tigers. Yes, flying tigers. His name is Flyger, and you’ll like him.

Remember that imagination hat? It will serve you well throughout the story. Some of the settings and overall character descriptions are generously open to interpretation. I would have benefited from more detail so as to better visualize this diverse world. I fear my own mind didn’t do it justice!

The only limits to this story is your own imagination. So, crack open that creative box in your head and go wild! – S.E. Crawford