Out of Darkness (War of the Sisters Book 1)

Out of Darkness War of the Sisters Book 1From the earth, Lilith and Asherah formed beings in their own image, woven of ice and fire, light and darkness. Satisfied, the goddesses slept.

When the sisters awaken, it’s to a version of humanity they did not intend. One Lilith rejects with icy fury. Fallen children of death and pain.

After their failed attempt, Lilith promises to rain destruction on it all and retreat into the Void. Asherah, seeing the dim glow of her original children still flickering within humanity, vows her fiery protection.

Can Asherah protect humanity long enough to bring about its redemption, or will Lilith destroy them all?

Amazon Reviews:

I was swept into the story quickly. It was difficult to put it down at all, which is the mark of a great book. The writing is beautiful and the story it weaves kept me engrossed throughout. It isn’t often these days that I feel like I am pulled into a story, but Out of Darkness tugged on my emotions in an unexpected way. I give it the highest recommendations and I am impatient for the next book! – Zethara

Well written. I believe I’m a bit sensitive, was emotionally hard to get past some parts. A good thing if you want to read something that makes you feel like you have a vested interest in the characters and what happens to them. – Conrad B.

I haven’t read a book in years and I’m glad that this book was my 1st read in a long long time! I love a good book that keeps me interested in what is going to happen next! I highly recommend this book and the Author really did an amazing job. I’m definitely looking forward to the 2nd book that follows this one. – Robby

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