Fool Me Twice: Confessions of a Perpetual Internet Dating Neophyte

Fool Me Twice: Confessions of a Perpetual Internet Dating Neophyte by Jules HannafordFrom her carefree early life on a farm in rural South Australia to a marriage that was broken even before it began, then living as a struggling single mother and navigating a string of bad romances – this is the story of a woman whose lessons in life – and love – have been learned the hard way.

Jules Hannaford grew up living an idyllic childhood, full of fun and adventures. She went to boarding school and had the time of her life, excelling at sport, making new friends and getting in trouble due to her risk taking and mischievous nature.

When single motherhood called for her to step up and take charge, she found her passion in her career as a teacher, yet she struggled to find someone to share her life with. One day, the opportunity came for her to move across the world. She packed her bags, pulled her daughter out of school, and took the risk of leaving her sleepy home city for Asia’s mega city of Hong Kong.

From then on, life was different. Suddenly, she was in a job she loved, and she no longer had to struggle to make ends meet, but there was still one thing missing. Love.

Optimistic, Jules began internet dating, and unwittingly invited a new kind of trouble into her life. Was it her trusting nature? Her naïveté? Or was it simply her desperate desire to share her life with someone that made her take the risks that almost cost her life?

Editorial Review:

‘Far from being a shameful one, Jules’s story is proof that this type of abusive behaviour can happen to anyone and how manipulative coercive control can be. Her bravery in speaking out sends the clear message to watch not what they say but what they do when dating. The warning signs are there, you just need to heed them.’ – Viv McGrath, Author of ‘Unbeatable: How I Left a violent man’ and domestic violence survivor. Broadcast Television Executive Producer (Documentaries)

Amazon Reviews:

An easy to read journey that was interesting and insightful. Am sure there are many out there who had similar experiences but have never felt confident enough to share their story. It’s books like these that make you realise it takes a brave person to share being scammed and hopefully others who may have gone through something similar know they are not alone. – Tarne Bay

Well written and very honest. It could not have been easy for the author to be so open about these negative experiences. As a person who has done the online dating thing several times, it struck me that this book may serve well as a warning to young women everywhere — things and people really aren’t always what they seem and we have got to stop second-guessing our gut instincts and ignoring red flags. – Kelly Nerdzilla Mendenhall

Like so many other women *of a certain age*, I am dabbling in the internet dating world… I am so glad I read this book because it has given me a lot to think about! The author is lucky she came away mostly unharmed, and is sharing the things she learned from her experience so that we can all benefit. It’s a cold, hard reminder that we need to keep our wits about us, and that it’s easy to trust people who don’t deserve it. I applaud her for her bravery and will recommend this book to my girlfriends who are actively on the hunt for love! – MissWise

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