Dogs and More Dogs, Another Murder (A Sheridan Hendley Mystery Book 2)

An abandoned house, an abundance of dogs. And a dead body or two.

Sheridan Hendley’s volunteer position at Pets and Paws takes a new turn when more than twenty malnourished dogs are found at a rundown house on the outskirts of town. When the body of an elderly woman is found amidst mountains of clutter in the house, a search of the property leads to startling revelations. And another body. While Herman Stoneham’s death is deemed natural causes, his wife’s is not. Where did all the dogs come from and who’s responsible for Justine’s untimely death? Are the two connected? With dogs and murder at stake, Sheridan can’t help but get involved in the investigation.

Amazon Reviews:

Lots of dogs found in the home of a hoarder, hit over the head and dead, is the basic theme. It is necessary to remove and care for over 20 dogs and puppies, find new homes for them, and determine who killed Justine! Lots of clues, suppositions, and little evidence make this a problem. Justine’s son is a jerk and browbeats his sister, no will or important papers can be found, so serious investigation is needed. It is a quick enjoyable story. – Doreen

I liked this story. Not as fond of the animal abuse situation but I know that it contributed to the mystery story line. The mystery moved along well. The characters were well developed. There was a nice balance between learning about the main character Sheridan and her personal situation and elements of the murder. I will definitely look for more books by this author. – Avid Mystery Reader

A great read. A plot built around an elderly couple whose children have grown up, moved away and have very little (if any contact) with their parents (sounds like a lot of families nowadays). However things are deemed not to be quite right when multiple dogs are found on the property, the husband is found in a shallow grave in the back and the wife is found dead in her bedroom (from blunt force trauma). To make matters worse the house is a hoarders paradise and the dogs have run free throughout. Dealing with the additional dogs and puppies puts a strain on everyone but it is the belligerent behaviour of the son that causes most angst. His sister covers under his blustering and he is free and easy with his fists. Plus there are also concerns about the police dispatched. Why did she print out emails for the dead woman. Worse there is no will. Can they find out what has been going on in that house and who is responsible? Loved the way the characters were portrayed, interacted and the growth we see in some of them. Well worth a read. – Kindle Customer

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