Eight 8: This Book Holds the Infinite Power of Eight 內含8的無限力量

Eight 8 This Book Holds the Infinite Power of Eight 8 by David J Nelson 2Why does the number 8 symbolize “good fortune” and prosperity to billions of people in China, Japan, and all of Asia?

Great for children and Adults alike, the reader will find fascinating facts about the number 8 in this book. Eight in Chinese sounds like “to generate wealth.” Did you know that a license plate in Hong Kong that contained the number 8 sold for over 2 million dollars because the number on the plate symbolizes “easy money?” Another fun fact- this book contains 8 chapters with 8 sentences in each chapter. Each sentence in this book contains exactly 8 words!

Ranging across cultures, it is amazing how often the number 8 appears prominently in scientific observation and religious literature. Is the omnipresence of eight’s power on the planet just a coincidence? The power of 8 envelopes the world everywhere.

Unlock the power of eight and harness the symbolism and science behind this phenomenal number to your advantage in education, business, and in life. Enjoy the infinite possibilities that this paramount number can bring to your classroom, boardroom, and living room!

Amazon Reviews:

Anyone who has any interest in, or connection to, East Asian philosophy will love this book. Quick, easy, informative read! You’ll never look at an 8 the same! – Leslie Hutchison

I liked this book very much. It was a glance into a aspect of Asian culture that I had heard of but had never given much thought. The book is filled with quick and interesting facts that are both entertaining but philosophical enough to provoke greater thought on the subject. Great job by the author! – Thomas G McDonough

I loved this book! It was fun and easy to read and very informative as well. I learned so much about the power of 8! I also enjoyed the thoughtful and creative format of the book. I can’t recommend this book enough! – Maria Piansay

I keep this book at my desk and will flip through occasionally for inspiration. Great read with a lot of cool information from across the world related to the significance of the number 8. – Tigran Jamharian

This is such a cool book with amazing facts about the symbolism of the number 8 across humanity and culture. Mind blown! – Eric Amundson

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