The Ultimate Saskatoon Berry Cookbook

The Ultimate Saskatoon Berry Cookbook by Vickianne CaswellThese berries are great as wine, pie and jam, but what else can you do with them?

Take a journey with your taste buds as you try a chocolate bar or fudge, a hot or cold soup, or tiramisu.

Have a cup of lemonade with your Saskatoon berry salad with vinaigrette dressing, along with your game or other meat.

This book contains 85 recipes from sauce, ice cream, chutney, cookies, cakes and even pemmican.

Editorial Review:

Bigger than a blueberry, the Saskatoon berry has many other benefits that outshine the more commonly known blueberry. For instance, it’s high in vitamins and fibre and, of interesting note, it contains 11 percent of the daily intake required of calcium. The First Nations knew the merits of Saskatoon berries all too well. The First Nations consumed Saskatoon berries, a native fruit of North America, for both their nutritional and medicinal benefits. Other interesting facts compare this berry to the popular blueberry. Saskatoon berries have twice the amount of fiber, potassium and iron than blueberries and four times the amount of magnesium. A very healthy berry indeed. So, how does one use it? Eat them freshly picked, or use them in concoctions and cooking or baking favorites as one would use blueberries.

Or, better yet, follow some of Vickianne Caswell’s recipes in her recent cookbook, The Ultimate Saskatoon Berry Cookbook. As always, this astute author presents a wide range of possibilities in her cookbook, complete with detailed, easy to follow instructions. Her recipes are clearly organized in sections, beginning with Saskatoon berry drinks and continuing with a wide selection of savory and sweet dishes that all include this nutritious and healthy berry. There are recipes for wines and other alcoholic drinks, breads, muffins, brownies, cakes, candies, cookies, ice creams, sorbets, jams and so much more. Each recipe has an enticing title, like Polka-Dot Angel Cupcakes and Saskatoon Berry Lollipops. Or how about Chocolate Covered Saskatoon Berries or Saskatoon Macaroons? This book is a treasure for any cookbook fan or cooking enthusiast. – Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

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