Relatively Strange (Strange Series Book 1)

Growing up has its difficulties for everyone and it’s tricky to know what’s normal if you’re not!

Stella certainly has no hesitation filing herself in the ‘unusual’ drawer, but it’s only when she discovers she’s not unique, that what has merely caused some extraordinary blips in an ordinary life, acquires a whole new dimension.

Forced to haul in resources she didn’t know she possessed, she’s thrust into the violence of a situation for which nothing could have prepared her. In a world of uncertainties one thing’s beyond doubt – this hero stuff just isn’t her. Normal, or as near as damn it, is what she’s after and if that means smothering her instincts, building her shielding and adjusting her expectations well, so be it. At least she’ll know, should she slip off the wagon occasionally, it’ll be through choice, not chance and to suit herself. However, isn’t it a fact, just when you think you’ve got yourself sorted, life turns round and bites you?

Goodreads Reviews:

What a brilliant unique book. It’s a well-written and well-plotted novel and is very dark yet also humorous. Stella has certain ‘unusual’ abilities that are largely ignored/tolerated by her parents. But when these gifts (e.g. flying, moving objects with her mind) are suspected by others, her life becomes more complicated. Relatively Strange is more than just a book about magic, as it follows Stella’s journey from child to adolescent in a very bizarre world. – Victoria Goldman

I love Stella, weirdly wonderful Stella and her marvelous, accepting family. It genuinely felt like I was reading her diary. I want Stella to be my friend, I want her parents to come over for dinner. Even the more sinister characters of the Peacock sisters and Glory are heart warming and so lovable, and as for Ed, love him! The paradoxically named Miss Merry and the dreaded doctor are so vile and villainous that I was in awe of the will power of Stella and her friends not to do something unimaginable to them. That is what is at the core of this book, kindness, love, warmth and faith, despite so many examples to the contrary, in one’s fellow man. What a fabulous book! – Melanie Lewis

When I was a young girl, I used to dream about having powers like Stella’s, and would imagine myself being able to read minds, move objects without touching them, and being able to fly up, bionic woman style, onto the roofs of tall buildings. However; I suspect I would have found, just as Stella does, that having these powers is not at all what it’s cracked up to be. I loved Stella. Her sense of humour is very similar to my own, and I laughed out loud at some of her antics. But then the story deepened and took on a more serious note, as Stella was called upon to use her powers in a horrifying and complex situation involving medical experimentation. As well as Stella, there are some other fabulous characters in this book, including the quirky, exotic Glory, and Ed, who I absolutely loved. – Philippa Mckenna (ARC reader)

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