Progenie (Scions of Darkness Book 1)

Progenie (Scions of Darkness Book 1) by Mack LittleZenobia Grant – Doctor, daughter, lover, warrior. And not quite human.

Zen has been trained from birth to defend herself against a terrible threat. And to be careful to not injure the fragile humans that surround her. She uses her skills to heal, not harm, and to keep the questions that haunt her at bay.

Zen doesn’t know what she really is or what happened to her mother. But the answers will put her in the crosshairs of some of the most powerful and malevolent beings in existence. Djinn, dhampyrs, and vampires all stalk Zen for their own reasons.

Visions inspired by an ancient book lead her to discoveries. Not only of who and what she is, but it identifies the creatures who attack her and her family. What it doesn’t tell her is how to defeat them before any more loved ones are destroyed.

Set against the rich tapestries of the ancient world and present day, Progenie is an epic journey of self-discovery, love, and betrayal.

Amazon Reviews:

Truly a must read for fans of vampires. The debut novel introduces complex characters with rich story. You will be hanging on every word from beginning to end. – Darnell

An action packed tale, written through the eyes of an author who clearly has an intense and vivid imagination plus the capacity to render the whole story enjoyable and creative. This book is amazing down to the last page! I highly recommend this book to any horror and fantasy enthusiast! – Sdan12

Mack Little storms onto the scene with “Progenie”, much like her protagonist Zenobia. This astonishing debut novel interweaves the best of religion, myth, fantasy, growing-of-age tenets, magic, and mystery into a dazzling novel that will keep you riveted until the very last page. She draws on rich descriptions and characterizations to lure readers in and trap them for an afternoon. Zen is a fearsome but gentle, absolute treasure of a heroine you’ll immediately respect, love, and fear all at the same time. And yet, you’ll find yourself completely mesmerized as you follow her path to the very end. Absolutely buy this one today! – Amy Williams

I think the most interesting part of this book is that the protagonist isn’t human, which is sort of a rarity in science fiction and fantasy. For being the first novel by this author, it’s actually quite good. You’ll fall in love with Zen as she tries to navigate this complex world when she isn’t even entirely sure what her ancestry is or why there are so many evil creatures after her. It weaves old religious traditions and mythology almost seamlessly into the story and works well as an introductory novel to a whole new world. – astrofan

Progenie: Scions of Darkness Book 1 by Mack Little is a wonderful urban fantasy and a great beginning of a series. Zen has always been taught to defend herself and is aware of her powers. She uses them to heal and staying normal. She has visions from an ancient book which set her on a path to discover who she is. I really enjoyed the story, it was very skillfully crafted. Fantasy fans need to give this a read you’ll really enjoy it, I sure did. – K Puck

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