Getting It Write: Common Sense Copywriting for your Business

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a book on Writing for your Business could guide you, gently but firmly down the path to security, success and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Unfortunately, life’s no fairy-tale, so I wouldn’t lay bets on the pot!

Fact is, there’s never an approach to anything that suits everyone and writing’s no exception. What works splendidly for someone else, might not tick your boxes. Which is why, in this book, you’ll find no absolute rights, wrongs or rules, just plenty of options, opinions and suggestions including such weighty matters as:

~ Not Murdering your Message
~ Marketing Hits and Myths
~ Creating Killer Copy Lines
~ Public Speaking or Root Canal Treatment?

I certainly hope some of what I’ve put together will nudge you to approach things from new angles, encourage you to trust your own instincts, help avoid unpleasant pitfalls and give you some ideas on how to make words work harder for you.

Marilyn Messik:
In 2007 Marilyn set up a copywriting consultancy, Create Communications, to work with businesses of all types and sizes, helping shape their messages to optimum effect. She’s a serial networker and speaker, holds communication and creative writing workshops, has written the series of Little Black Business Books and is the author of three paranormal thrillers. Her work is based on a feet-on-the-floor philosophy, planning for the best, unsurprised by the unexpected.

Amazon Reviews:

Really useful and thought provoking read on copywriting/business writing and just writing in general! It also provides an immensely useful framework to construct and deliver a coherent business message, and it has plenty of tips on general business sense and communications. This is a book I will be recommending and using in future. – S. Meredith

The thing that immediately struck me was the humour that was prevalent throughout the book, and it makes what could be a dry subject into something interesting and inspiring, as well as being extremely informative and relevant it was an unexpected pleasure to read. I think that the authors personal experience and wealth of knowledge make this an essential book, and a valuable tool. It has good solid advice in a very easy to read writing style I can’t recommend it enough. – Angie T.D.

This is an extremely readable, concise guide to a variety of marketing-type writing skills for small-to medium-sized businesses. It’s packed full of tips, suggestions and downright common sense for both those wanting to try their own hand at writing and those wanting to employ professionals to do it for them. As someone who’s been in the copywriting business for more years than I like to admit I can really recommend this – both as a good read and as one packed full of ideas for thinking about how you market your business. – Sue Purbrick

Available exclusively on Amazon in digital and paperback format.