Princess of the Emerald Valleys (The Princess of Nature Series Book 3)

The year is 1773. Aisling and the prince have returned home to Ireland in time to celebrate the holidays. But their festivities are short-lived. New enemies are threatening their way of life.

As evil swirls around them, Aisling and the prince must destroy their adversaries, protecting each other and everything they love.

Amazon Reviews:

A great book to read. A young girl coming into her own after the loss of her parents. She learns from the world around her and becomes strong and purposeful. A joy to read. I voluntarily reviewed this book after receiving a free copy. – S. Walker

Princess Aisling and her prince long for a peaceful life but there are many forces against them. Magic and military strategy help them face political intrigue and challenges they experience from many sources. Through all this they manage to continue to love and support each other even when circumstances pull them apart. This is an enjoyable story that has a satisfying ending that leaves one suspecting there just might be in store for them in the future. – Elizabeth (Liz) Lim

Princess of the Emerald Valley is a great book. I found out it’s the third in the series, so I’m going to go back and read the first two, but I enjoyed it as a stand alone as well. The characters are interesting, and the story kept me wondering what was gonna happen next. The main characters are so cute together, I can’t wait to read the previous books and find out how they met. Aisling is a beast. She’s the protagonist, and even thou is pregnant for half of the book she still kicks butt. I like that’s she’s not a damsel in distress, and her and the prince are a team. I love the way they support each other. I recommend this book. It’s a good read, fast pace, believable characters, and an interesting plot. I can’t wait to the next one in the series. – LaDonna Goodman

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