Shattered Sunset Promises

Suspense to make you shiver with Heart to make you sigh.

Her inheritance is disastrous. His murder case is stalled. Then a link between her bequest and his homicide entangles and threatens their lives.

Malory Williams faces an uncertain future. Ten years ago she lost the love of her life, and now she’s lost her job. Fate presents an appealing blank slate when she inherits Bay Bluff Cottage, and Mal doesn’t hesitate. She sells her current home and pools her assets. Life if looking up….until she discovers she’s inherited an albatross.

Two grisly homicides pose a challenge for seasoned investigator John Ryley. A single, precise slash ended both lives and the women’s savaged bodies were dumped at the exact same location. The brutal murders occurred ten years apart, though, and John’s skeptical…until clues point to a connection between the murders and Malory’s inheritance.

Neither John nor Malory are looking for involvement at this point in their lives, yet he finds the stunning widow’s perseverance sexy, and she discovers irresistible charm beneath the investigators’ tough demeanor. But when a well-kept secret is uncovered the homicide explodes, and John races against the clock to keep Malory from becoming a killer’s next victim.

Amazon Reviews:

Another great book by Nancy Kay! It’s fun to read a romance about a woman over 50 who is still vibrant , beautiful and sexy! Throw in an attractive man and a suspenseful murder mystery and the book is hard to put down. – Stormer

I have read all of Nancy’s books and love reading about my small town. She writes with such reality, mystery and romance. I am torn with wanting to finish them yet not wanting them to end! – Darla Harris

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