Butterfly Hill (A Matthys Rossouw Pursuit Book 2)

Butterfly Hill (A Matthys Rossouw Pursuit Book 2) by Brendan Le GrangeA psychopath with mother issues. A policeman with his career on the line. A beautiful agent with unclear allegiances. And an ancient organisation guarding a secret that could get them all killed.

Hiko Shimizu is not a nice man, but he is ingenious. Ingenious enough to find a lost artefact capable of catalysing a revolution in China? Maybe. And that’s close enough to draw the attention of powerful forces that won’t hesitate to kill to keep their secrets safe. Meanwhile, Matthys Rossouw is in hot pursuit, unaware of the full scale of the danger he faces.

Butterfly Hill is the exciting follow-up to Drachen. Set in the hills above Hong Kong’s Lantau Island, it’s another high-stakes game of cat and mouse that races towards an explosive conclusion.

Seven hundred years ago a Dynasty died, how far will China go to keep it dead?

Amazon Reviews:

When you pull a book such as Brendan Grange – Butterfly Hill, it requests- popcorn, a few chocolate bars, and a soda. A fantastic read, with a Hong Kong setting. This mastermind piece filled with suspense, drama, and thrill. A masterpiece along with a beautiful rendition of fiction set in the city the author now resides. The story is fas and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Meet Hiko Shimizu, a man willing to start a revolution. A thief and a troublemaker who keeps detective Matthys Rossouw pursuing him. This read is eventful and well written. The hunt became real and the haunted became more desperate. The end of the book is amazing. – KarynH

This is one of those stories that could have taken a page out of every action movie ever and just focused on the car chases and shootouts at the expense of having actual, relatable characters. This story doesn’t lack for action, but I ended up actually liking some of the characters by the end of it. The protagonist comes off as kind of the opposite of Indiana Jones, but by the end of it, I kind of took a “wait and see” attitude on whether he’s really so incapable of being a hero. As others have mentioned, the character development seemed to not be as deep as it could be, but maybe the author was assuming that readers of this book had already read the first book. I’m kind of looking forward to the next book. – astrofan

Discovering that I picked up book 2 made me a bit concerned, but Le Grange does a nice recap for you then thrusts you into his world of action. Hiko is hunting an ancient artifact while Matthy’s is hunting him. Little do they know they are both being hunted by something much bigger. Le Grange writing is fast-paced leaving you gripping on every word he writes let alone every page. His characters are wickedly well written changing within the flow of the story, and according to the events that happen in the book. No character is the same character at the end. Especially Hiko, he was like this anti-Indiana Jones anti-hero at the beginning of the book. At the end who he is, is questionable as we hope for book 3 to find out. If you like action pack reading filled with espionage then Butterfly Hill is a book you must grab. – Janny C

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