The End of Echoes

Two families, forever linked by tragedy.

Ruby Dunkin is in an abusive marriage. Her best efforts aren’t enough to shield her two children from an abusive father whose cruelty knows no bounds. Their volatile situation ends in tragedy when Ruby’s eldest son, Billy is torn away from everything he loves. Consumed by hatred and self-loathing Billy becomes the thing he hates the most—his father.

Chelsea Wyatt, a senior in high school, goes missing after work one night, never to return. Her parents are devastated, only knowing this kind of tragedy from the news. Crimes like this are unheard of in their quiet, midwestern town. Consumed by the tragic fate of their friend, family member and neighbor, their lives and futures are forever altered.

For over eighteen years, no one knows the connection between Ruby Dunkin and Chelsea Wyatt. A journey through time reveals the common thread stitching their heartbreak together. Yesterday echoes throughout each character’s life as they decide how, and if, they will break the chains of the past.

Will they continue to leave a legacy of pain and loss for future generations? Will they break the cycles of abuse that have destroyed so many lives?

Amazon Reviews:

The novel is told from many first-person perspectives, including the killer’s. This style is a perfect selection to tell this unique story. I felt empathy for each of the characters as they went along on their painful journey. Being a father myself, it’s frightening, and almost incomprehensible, to imagine something like this happening to one of my own children. I think you can’t help but make those comparisons while reading this book, and that lends it some of its power. – Shawn Burgess

In a quiet midwestern town, two families are connected forever. One in an abusive household, the father an alcoholic who takes his anger out on Ruby and her two children. The other, a loving family, until their daughter goes missing. Imagine two families, their lives like invasive roots jetting off in all directions, are consumed by hate and pain when they’re ripped apart by events beyond their control. The End of Echoes will tap into your emotions and leave you wanting more. – Laurie Holbrook

Dawn Hosmer has done it again! This book was so emotionally wrenching and powerful. It truly opened my eyes to the horrors if domestic abuse and the lasting effect it has on all involved. I felt every emotion of each of the people as if I was going through what they were. Tears flowed throughout the reading of this book. But there was also healing and joy involved. Definitely a must read!!!! – amy kemperholt

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