Smashing love addiction and love avoidance: Powerful healing strategies for deep rooted intimacy issues

When an emotionally abusive, narcissistic and controlling mother uses her son for having her own emotional needs met, she abandons him emotionally…

because she reverses the pyramid ie the child ends up being the spouse/parent as against the appropriate vice versa.

Due to abandonment, the child is shamed into believing he is worthless and reels under dark clouds of toxic shame all his life. The clouds weigh him down to the point that they thwart his ability to be intimate with a woman and thus co-conspire to produce love avoidants.

Also, when an abusive/alcoholic/emotionally unavailable parent neglects or physically abuses the child, it sends a message to the child that they are flawed and not worthy of love and affection. Thus, such children seek love and connection from outside agencies,bend backwards /over-nurture just so they find themselves the love they never got and are co-dependent love addicts.

In three well demarcated chapters Aanchal delves into the origins, causes and effects of love avoidance and love addiction and provides proven, effective, easy to apply therapeutic modalities and tools to permanently fix deep rooted, seemingly stubborn intimacy issues. The use of multiple examples in each section makes the topics easy to understand and relate to for a layman.

Interspersed with rich, profound, life altering prose are equally effective and poignant quotes on healing and self -discovery which add loads of cherries to the already delectable cake of the book.

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