The Lord of Long Shadows: Knights of the Fallen Realm: Book 1

In The Lord of Long Shadows (Knights of the Fallen Realm, Book 1) Twenty-year-old orphan Alex Winters’ quiet life is shattered when a chance encounter transports her to a world beyond her imagination and into the adventure of a lifetime.

After saving an old man on her way home from work, Alex Winters finds herself abruptly teleported to the world of Aquillon, where humanity suffers at the hands of the Court of Hours, a group of malevolent demons who have ruled for a thousand years. Given only a single clue to find her way home, Alex sets out on a journey to discover her place in a world she barely understands.

Over the course of her adventure, Alex befriends brave allies and evades cunning and sinister enemies, all the while discovering more and more about a destiny she feels unprepared for, while facing challenges and dangers that will push her courage to the limit.

Filled with action, adventure, and humor, The Lord of Long Shadows is a thrilling young-adult fantasy adventure perfect for middle and high school fans of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson novels, as well as fans of fast-paced adventure and fantasy of all ages. The Lord of Long Shadows is a page-turner that will leave readers laughing and excited to see what happens next as the adventure of Knights of the Fallen Realm unfolds.

Amazon Review:

M. Anderson, you made me spit my coffee. I’m a grown-up, a very grown-up grown-up, in fact. I had just got Mr. Anderson’s book and was beginning to form opinions about it. “Oh, this reads like Labyrinth for grown-ups.” At about the 50% mark, there was a reference that coupled so well with that thought that I spit coffee on my monitor, hence the header.

That being said, I LOVED this book. It is very well written. As fantasy, it’s top-notch. The book concludes in a very satisfying manner, but there’s still a door open for more–and I want them when they’re written.

Also, I may have stressed the word “grown-up” too much already, simply because I wouldn’t hesitate to offer this book to anyone over the age of 10. There’s lots of humor, a few places that make you go awww, and a few that make you wonder if the heroes are going to make it out or not–essentially everything you want in a good fantasy read. Bravo! – Ann

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