Individual Advantages: Find the I in Team (The I in Team Series Book 1)

Individual Advantages: Find the I in Team (The I in Team Series Book 1) by Brian Smith and Mary SmithThis book presents the reader with a meticulous way of achieving prosperity.

Utilizing storytelling and philosophy, the reader will undeniably be lead on a roller coaster of emotion through their own past as well as the past of the author. The author’s insights and advice on how to achieve personal fulfillment, overcome self-defeating behaviors, and realize individual influence is unparalleled. The book’s core messages—know yourself, hold yourself accountable for your actions and behavior, set realistic and measurable goals, strive to be the best you can be—are time honored. This book is designed to indulge every reader in success and does not adopt a “one size fits all” methodology.

Effortlessly leading the reader through the most important part of life, the present moment, the book begins with slowing down—allowing the reader to ponder on their current life. Continuing to transform the reader through self-reflection and self-recollection, one will find pleasant ease in knowing themselves fully. The foundation of each individual will be thoroughly explored and mended—as the goal is to be your best prior to being the best for others. As the first of a trilogy, the book ends with the start of applying your influence on others.

Amazon Reviews:

This was a wonderful book! You can really tell the author(s) put a ton of time and thought into it! – David

I’m not a fan of your typical “self-help” book, I find them to be too self-righteous without adding much value to the reader. This book was different. It focused on critical thinking through storytelling, which made the book much more enjoyable and easy to read (there’s also some decent humor sprinkled throughout the book). I think I actually read it start to finish in less than a week – and that’s saying something for me! It doesn’t build a stereotypical roadmap to success, but rather encourages you to consider what success means to you, and why. Definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in contemplating why you think the way you do, and the impact it has on your personal and professional relationships. I look forward to the next edition in the series! – Braden

I started “Individual Advantages” last Wednesday. I was moved enough by its lessons/ messages along with Dr. Smith’s personal anecdotes in support of each that I am NOW on a more introspective second reading… “Stories do indeed sell” and while I’d rate “Individual Advantages” highly without them, the anecdotes serve to humanize Dr. Smith, and accordingly, also “prime the pump” as it were to take, again, a more introspective look into my own life respective of the messaging… THAT is the true magic of his format. The first lesson, “SLOW DOWN” is critical to all that follows for Dr. Smith is not preaching from up on high; but rather from deep within and that, to borrow from Robert Frost, has made all the difference. I’d strongly encourage All to get “Individual Advantages” today and read it in your own quiet space so that your Foundation is solid for Dr. Smith’s next book in the series due to be released in Spring of ‘19. – Keith D. Davidson

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