It’ll Be Okay: Finding God When Doubt Hides the Truth

A nationally-known Bible teacher addresses the healthy role doubt can play in a Christian’s life…

and encourages addressing doubts head-on to feed faith while teaching that misgivings and fears can be happily resolved through the grid of God’s Word—without leading to an unbelieving way of life.

“Feel like you’re the only Christian struggling with doubt? Think your faith is weak because you doubt? Then this book is well worth investigating.” – Amazon Reviewer

Amazon Reviews:

Sheryl writes from her own life’s journey. It’s such a beautiful picture of God’s faithfulness as Sheryl chooses to keep God in the center of her life rather than turning her back on the Creator when in despair. What a wonderfully inspiring story of how grief and loss was transformed by God’s unfailing love! This is a ‘must read’ for anyone who is walking through tough times and feeling incredibly alone. – Frank S

I love this new book by Christian Author Sheryl Giesbrecht Turner! This book is filled with Hope! Sheryl is amazingly transparent woman who understands our struggles…she has been there herself. So great to have help with finding our hope when overcome doubt from someone who shares her compassion and experience with love and kindness. Excellent to read when experiencing anxiety and overwhelming life experiences. “It’ll Be Oaky, Finding God When Doubt Hides the Truth” is a must read! I am purchasing several for gifts as well as to use when assisting ladies in Bible Study with areas of struggle. Thank you, Sheryl for not only a great book for my personal needs, but also a great referral resource! – Annette

This book has been very helpful to me as I walked a year of doubt and pain after surgery. The author put her heart and soul into a wonderful remedy for anyone who has ever doubted life would be normal again. She led me page after page down a path of hope and joy. Her own personal grief led her to share from her heart honestly and clearly, with her knowledge of God’s word intertwined through each chapter. As I read deeper into the book, I found my doubt starting to leave and more faith to believe that things will get better. One statement in the book by Henrietta Mears, a giant in Christian ministry, gave me a new look at my life. She said, “If I had my life to live over again, I would just believe God.” Sheryl’s book helped me to be able to agree. – Penelope Carlevato

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