Stitches by Samantha SimardStitches follows Jim Wolfe, a PTSD-riddled Army Ranger turned private investigator.

Between his questionable relationship with a Romanian restaurateur’s son, and investigating the disappearance of a famous musician’s daughter with his partner, Scarlett Vaughn, Wolfe has a lot on his plate.

When a string of grisly murders centering on college students grab the city of Boston by the throat, Wolfe finds himself entangled in more than one mystery.

While Wolfe and his partner attempt to unravel the threads connecting the killings to their missing rock n’ roll heiress, Sebastian Codreanu discovers how deeply his father is tied to the recent crime spree, and the Mass Art Murderer plots his masterpiece.

Everything is not what it first appears to be, and everyone has a secret.

Amazon Reviews:

I really enjoyed this novel! The characters are so lifelike and it’s easy to immerse yourself in the plot with them. The pacing is fantastic, and the panic surrounding the Mass Art Killer is felt. The plot is amazing, and I never saw the end coming! Definitely my new favorite murder mystery! – Caitlin Gibbons

I could not put Sammy’s book down! I read the entire book in about 3 hours because I could not leave the story alone. Sammy has a skillful way of writing that immediately draws the reader in. If you like LGBTQ+ characters, a good mystery, and a pee-your-pants kind of an ending, you’ll love Stitches! By far the best book I’ve read this year. Don’t miss out on this suspenseful mystery by a talented (and young) author! – kaytayxo

Hey think this might post wrong but this is one of the best books I’ve ever read. It showed up on my kindle so I guess I pre-ordered it sometime but I read it on a plane and oh my god. It was like really gross but you could tell Samantha did a lot of research and I LOVED all the characters (Sebastian was my favorite of Scarlett) and I’m really excited for the next thing you put out! I’ll be sure to follow all your new work when the ending came i legit gasped out loud if i what my favorite part was but great job. – dd

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