The Earl and The Enchantress (An Enchantress Novel Book 1)

The Earl and The Enchantress (An Enchantress Novel Book 1) by Paullett GoldenNot all scars can be healed with a kiss.

Sebastian Lancaster, Earl of Roddam, harbors a family secret so dark he has forsaken marriage to hide the past. When fate introduces him to Lizbeth, he believes he has met his perfect match—a woman with whom he can share passion without commitment.

Lizbeth Trethow risks everything to follow her heart until Sebastian’s past returns to haunt them. Desperate to hide the blood on his hands, he sabotages their happiness. Everything depends on Lizbeth unraveling the truth and turning this villain into a hero.

This is the love story of Lizbeth and Sebastian as they battle metaphoric ghosts born of murder and enlightenment to be together.

Goodreads Review Excerpts:

The two very charming and compelling main characters in Paullett Golden’s debut novel have nothing keeping them apart but themselves. Each of them has very good reasons for avoiding love and marriage but they are also lonely and want more from life. Their journey to find their HEA is a lovely one where they have to learn to trust each other and open themselves to love.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and getting to know all of the characters. Each character was fully developed, robust and very relatable. If you’d like to try a delightful new author, I hope you’ll give this one a try. – Barbara Rogers

I liked this book quite a bit! There were several parallels to Pride and Prejudice, but I’m not sure if they were intentional or if P&P was just a heavy influence on Golden. Either way, they were subtle and I had fun spotting them.

Golden is a good writer. She knows how to structure plot, how to make flawed characters sympathetic and lovable, and has a very firm grasp on theme. Also, she had some great lines. My favorite was: “His were the eyes of a dreamer, of a thinker, of someone who had stood on the edge of a cliff and wondered what it would be like to fly.”

Oh, I should mention in case anybody’s wondering, there’s no magic. The heroines are not witches; that’s not the connotation she’s employing in the title. – No Apology Book Reviews

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