Escape from Uncle Sam’s Plantation

A teacher for over two decades, Edward Temple knows all about what your kids are learning in school.

He has teaching experience in rural schools and big city schools in Florida, Pennsylvania, and in Ohio.

He has wanted to speak out for many years but feared losing his job.

Mr. Temple finally made the escape and is now teaching at a Christian school where he has the freedom to expose the truth.

Amazon Reviews:

Real insight into what a daily life is like for a public school student in today’s environment. Excellent read. Eye opening! – Dave

This book was eye opening. The demise of our current educational system can be easily understood upon reading the content of this book. It is time to wake up America. Unless public schools are forced to follow the same rules as any other schools, public schools will further deteriorate. – Gloria McNew

Every parent and teacher should be required to read this book. It is truly an eye opener. Because of rules imposed by our government, public schools can strangle creativity and learning in students. Both teachers and students are held as victims in these schools (or plantations). As the author, Ed Temple, points out, “ Whether it’s the federal government, the state government, or even the local government, any government control is part of Uncle Sam’s Plantation. Slavery has always been morally wrong and is an inefficient way of life. It’s good to know that most will probably choose to leave the plantation, which is why the plantation does not want to give its constituents the choice.” – Gloria Williams

Faced with discrimination or being counted out (isolated) from society is a norm for most minorities, but to understand the puppet master (government) reasoning is appalling! Mr. Temple’s book reveals astonishing real life experiences/facts that school and government officials won’t dare to openly speak on. This book is truly amazing! Great job Mr Temp! – Tatiana Brock (former student)

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