Meet Me at the Hanging Tree

Val’s boyfriend proposes—at last—and the romance-challenged slug can’t even get that right. So she’s off with best friend Stella for the vacation of a lifetime!

An RV breakdown strands them in a picturesque Australian small town. After starting work at a boutique winery to pay for repairs, Val gets a second job as a journalist. Her attraction to her editor, sexy smart-ass Tim, is teetering towards love when a mob-backed consortium’s campaign for a casino development turns nasty.

With her man facing jail and her career in the dumpster, Val must pit her doubtful detective skills against a field of suspects that includes organised crime figures, a biker gang and corrupt local officials.

Please note: This book is written with British Australian spelling and grammar.

Amazon Review:

I love this story because it’s not only fun but it has some depth and breadth–characters that are interesting and realistic, and more at stake than simply who’ll get together with whom. The heroine feels real, and her sidekick’s great–same with the male leads, and the dialogue is great, a product of the Aussie expressions and speech. The setting is almost a character in itself–the beach, Australian lingo, which feels authentic, as if the author must have spent time there. AND IT’S A COMPLETE STORY, NOT A CLIFFHANGER!!! Hooray for that–so easy to get burned by what turns out to be nothing but a lead-in for the next book. Grrr. It made me laugh out loud in places, too. – JDS

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