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Don’t Tell: A Riveting Mystery

Alex Ryder is the best detective in her division, but she’s harboring a secret that could kill her entire career.

When Detective Alex Ryder picks up a new homicide case, no one knows her secret connection to the murder. As personal issues and an obsessive nature threaten her career, Alex follows a lead onto the Emerald Adventure, a cruise ship heading to the Bahamas for five days. But the killer’s on board, and it’s only a matter of time before someone else dies. Continue reading

Why author websites are important & how to easily get yours!

Most authors understand the need for a professional website in order to help elevate their brand, grow a mailing list, and give their readers more ways to connect and interact with them.

Where most authors run into trouble is not having the technical knowledge needed to create and maintain an outstanding website or blog. That’s why Digital Book Girl has done the research, Continue reading