IndigoF. D. Soul’s first collection of poetry and prose.

Written for those who have ever wondered what a heart looks like outside of the human body.

This book is a breath. It’s that plunge into fear as your heart stops as if perhaps it won’t remember how to catch the next beat (but always does). And it’s wincing. Biting the pillow. Laughing even though you can hear your ribs cracking. This book is walking through a Weeping Willow with your fingers outstretched. Lips brushed against a forehead. Sticking your head out the window just to feel the day in your hair. Tears drying against the soft skin beneath your chin. This book is how I save myself.

Editorial Review:

“Simultaneously fierce and tender – F.D. Soul finds delicate parts of your spirit, cradles them in her hands, and wraps them in words that will assure you, “someone else gets it.” ” – Morgan Nikola-Wren, author of Magic With Skin On

Amazon Reviews:

I pre-ordered this book because I was so excited for it! It was definitely worth the wait, this book is amazing for all poetry lovers, even beginners. Her unique voice will always find a way to resonate with you, and you will find that her words will always envoke a flurry of emotions deep within your soul. She, and this work, are truly incredible! – Whaleagator

This book poetically sums up all the emotions I’ve ever felt in a way my words can not express. It was, by far, the most intriguing poetry I’ve ever read and I can’t wait for the next book! – TeacherMama

I could not put this collection down. F.D. Soul writes poetry in a way that is alluring yet relatable. Each word, stanza and page makes you think, makes you feel, inspires you to become a writer of your own life. I will absolutely be reading this collection again and again! – Danielle

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