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There are over 1,000,000 books published in the US alone every year. Given these ginormous numbers, self-published authors need to utilize whatever tools they can to stand out from the crowd.

The simplest and perhaps most powerful marketing tool an author has is their book cover. Without a genre appropriate, competitive book cover, many potential readers will simply glaze over your book or worse—see your less than stellar cover and judge your book unjustly due to an unprofessional book cover design. Don’t allow this oversight to negatively effect your book sales any longer!

The take away: Professionally designed book covers help authors sell more books, and for only $5 you can’t go wrong!

Digital Book Girl has done the research, to save you time and money, and in doing so we have uncovered several professional book cover designers who provide genre appropriate, eye-catching, attention grabbing, competitive, commercially viable, original book cover designs to attract and convert more readers into buyers—all for only $5!

Check out our Top 5 list below and if you know of a better value, contact us today so we can share your tip with our followers!

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Izhar is an experienced designer who specialize in book cover designs. He is creative, punctual and always respect deadlines.

He makes sure that his clients are always happy with the end result, and provide cover designs that grab attention for increased clicks and sales.

Click here to check out Izhar‘s book cover samples.

Olivia is a professional graphic designer with more than 4 years experience creating diverse book covers.

Her passion is to deliver exceptional designs with the respect to each client’s opinion, and to ultimately capture the attention of readers.

Click here to check out Olivia‘s book cover samples.

Sam is a professional graphic designer with 6 years experience.

He offers fast and friendly service, and is able to provide unique and exclusive high-quality book cover designs to ensure your book cover looks amazing.

Click here to check out Sam’s book cover samples.

Ira-Rebeca is an illustrator and designer, with more than 5 years experience. She is creative, professional, and cares about your project.

Balancing creativity and technical requirements is her greatest strength while delivering creative solutions for your book cover.

Click here to check out Ira-Rebeca‘s book cover samples.

Jig’s is a professional graphic designer with more than 8 years experience in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

He holds a special diploma in Photoshop, stands by his work and guarantees you will be completely satisfied with your book cover design.

Click here to check out Jig’s book cover samples.

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