The Book of Pain

The Book of Pain by Tope OgundareTope, in this amazing collection of poetry wows us with his ability to craft beautiful words into poetry that anyone can really enjoy.

A collection of poems on love, loss and grief. If Pain were to be personified, how would you describe it? Would pain be suave and smooth or vicious and mean? The poems explore pain in its various form, and relates it to life, to repeated miscarriages – a cycle of hope and loss and to unrequited love.

It has been a long time coming, but it’s worth the wait.

Editorial Reviews:

This is a cathartic collection of poems, dealing with some of the deepest human emotions – most of which cause pain (emotional as well as physical). Some of the poems reminded me a little of The Crow by James O’Barr; I felt like the author needed closure after the end of a difficult relationship. – Savera (Goodreads Review)

In my opinion each poem of this amazing collection is a masterpiece! I have been deeply impressed and moved by the author’s capacity to express feelings and emotions in such a sophisticated way. Tope Ogundare -writer, poet and psychiatrist – creates through well chosen words surrealistic images that reflect painful situations and moments of our lives in nowadays society. – Isabel Widera (Goodreads Review)

I would still strongly recommend this book, it’s been a joy and privilege to amble my way through it. I believe that many a reader could relate to this collection, simply for its lyrical dexterity. We all carry our own pain, this collection can at least offer some respite from it, whether your into poetry or not, I feel there’s something here that could touch many with it’s courageous honesty of vision, so cheers Tope, all power to your pen, thanks for allowing me to share your world. – Dave Rendle (Goodreads Review)

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