Joey Flynn’s Extraordinary Tale

Joey Flynn’s Extraordinary Tale by Meghan E. WhiteJoey Flynn is an ordinary eleven year old boy. He likes baseball, video games, and hanging out with his friends.

The summer before sixth grade his family moves from California to Oregon. Joey is not happy about moving. Now he has to start over with new friends and even worse, a new school.

Exploring the woods of his property in Oregon, Joey meets an extraordinary individual, like no one he’s ever met before. This new friend teaches Joey about faith and trusting God.

Amazon Reviews:

This is a beautiful story for any young reader to enjoy and learn about God and how we can trust Him in every aspect of our life. Meghan did a wonderful job capturing the fears that often our children face when change occurs in their lives. The main character learns that change can become a wonderful opportunity to see how God reveals Himself in the people we meet. All we need to do is trust Him fully and completely. Would recommend this book to read! – Jennifer Johnson

I had to change schools in 6th grade. I don’t remember it being hard, but I never “accepted”. Looking back it gave me new friends, and now I still have friends from both schools. I’m looking forward to reading this with my Grandkids. – Guy Bernard

My 8-year-old son read and loved this book. The topic was relatable since we just moved. It was really neat to see how Joey’s needs were cared for and he was able to make friends in a new place. It was a really imaginative story, and it was completely appropriate for my kiddos. I highly recommend this book. – Chip Mattis

I liked the short chapters, the overall length of the book; easy to read in an afternoon, the references to Oregon and how relatable the characters are. This story has a wholesome, faith-building message that captures the imagination, your attention and leaves you wanting to read more. Hoping for a sequel. – Curtis

We love this book! My son is 7 1/2 and we are reading this together. He really likes the idea of Joey and his adventures in the forest near his home. He loves his parents, but he loves to be on his own having adventures and hanging out in his fort. And, the character, Zibbis–very different than any other we’ve read about. He is super excited about what will happen next. – Amazon Customer

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