The Story of Grenville King: A feel-good Irish summer read

Handsome, kind and funny, Conor O’Shea has had enough of driving and guiding tours of Ireland.

So when an opportunity to renovate and run the magnificent but rundown Castle Dysert as a five-star resort presents itself, he grabs it with both hands.

But problems arise almost immediately when his business partner appears to have more on her agenda than just business.

To add to that, his darling wife seems discontented as a stay at home mom, and his in-laws have moved in.

With his family’s future now entangled in a stunningly beautiful old castle on the coast of Clare, Conor undertakes a mammoth project, and in so doing, he uncovers the troubled past of this ancient stronghold. The mystery of the family who lived, loved, and lost their lives within the walls of the castle are reflected in his own family as they too struggle to let go of the past.

Like in every small Irish village, gossip abounds. But do the ghosts of regret still haunt these ancient hallways? It is now left to Conor to explore the truth and uncover a heartbreaking lesson on the power of memory and the long threads that bind us together.

In The Story of Grenville King, Jean Grainger takes you once again to the real heart of Ireland.

Amazon Reviews:

A great read! The characters are true to life, and the story fascinating. Isn’t there a small part of each of us that would love to buy a castle and turn it in to a business for all to see? The story is a real delight, with all it’s twists and turns. It’s great to the last page. Leaves me wanting to read more. – Bernard G.

If you are looking to immerse yourself in the people, history and culture of Ireland through fictional characters then you can do no better than this author. This story, like all her others just carries you along easily and enjoyably. I most love the dialogues, Irish humor, sayings etc are wonderful and add so much to the richness of the characters. This is the third in The Tour series but could easily be a standalone. This book was just plain fun! – Carol A. Kriegbaum

A delightful book, full of love, friendships, mystery and Irishness. A wonderful read that is difficult to put down, you will find yourself saying just one more page, just one more chapter. Yes, I would definitely agree this can easily be read as a stand alone book. But I challenge you not to go back and read the others. You will want to read more of Jean Grainger. – Mary D

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