A Good Kind of Crazy

A Good Kind of Crazy by Majken Selinder NilssonKat Anderson’s familiar existence begins to unravel on her 43rd birthday, even before her husband’s infidelity comes to light.

Deciding to leave her old life behind in search of her former self, she finds it revisiting her past career as a caterer on a TV set in the mountains of Canada.

Can Kat overcome her past hurts in order to cook up some romance with the star of the show?

Amazon Reviews:

I loved this book! I am a busy, duty-filled person who rarely gets a chance to read nowadays, but from the minute I started reading this book I was captivated by the story and the characters. There is such an easy flow to the story that I can hardly believe this is this author’s first book. I can hardly wait for Majken’s future books to be published! I highly recommend reading it and happily getting lost in this story. – Janet

A sweet romantic novel , ‘ A good kind of crazy ‘ is an easy read that beautifully depicts that phase many middle aged women go through, when they finally decide to take back their lives, putting their needs before that of their families. In Kat’s case, her husband’s cheating was just what she needed, for her to find herself again. – Meena Ajit

I have four criteria for a good novel: characters that I like (or are fun to hate on, as the case may be), quality dialog, an engaging but character-driven story line and (unless it’s fantasy) character improvement based on realistic decisions. This book hit each of them quite well. I could identify with Kat through the whole book, feeling her pain, struggle and ultimate self-realization each step of the way. The situation is one many women have found themselves in and that added to the very real-feeling world this book created. The dialog is well-crafted and I really cared about the characters and how they carried the story instead of the other way around. I really felt like I knew them, almost to the point that I wouldn’t be surprised to run into them in the grocery store. Thank you for a wonderful read! – J. Ortega

I couldn’t put this book down, from page one it drew me into the story! A Good Kind of Crazy had me laughing and crying along with the characters. Kat’s journey of healing, rediscovery and taking that leap of faith is something I think most of us can relate too. I highly recommend! – Jen

I loved the story of this book. I couldn’t put it down. I will absolutely recommend this book to everyone! I love that the scenes are passionate without being over the top and risqué. It takes a lot for me to give 5 stars and this book absolutely deserves every one of them! – Angi

When you start to feel you “know” the characters, you know you’re in for a treat. Ms. Nilsson takes her cast of characters (and the reader) on an emotional ride, full of potholes, but softened with liberal doses of love. Despite the plot twists, the story flows smoothly and is easy to follow. I especially appreciated this during a very busy week when I could only devote snippets of time to read. This is not your mother’s romance novel. There’s more reality in this love story than romances of old. Bitter realities, conflicting emotions and the age of the characters shine new light on the genre. I definitely recommend this story. Very well done, Ms. Nilsson and I’m looking forward to your next one. – David W. Thompson

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