Daughter of Athena

Daughter of Athena by A RoseAfter dragons attacked, the city of Athena rose from the ashes of Chicago.

With Athena, a new program to protect the city began. Project name: Daughter of Athena. Female dragonslayers that are created, not born.

Amara is the top Daughter of her class. When Athena is attacked by a militant group, Amara learns more than she bargained for.

Everything is not what it seems; with the dragons or with the government. Amara must decide which path to take as she struggles with learning the truth about herself.

Amazon Reviews:

The author doesn’t hold anything back getting the reader up to speed on this particular future world, where dragons appear to have upset the order we know and the world governments have been reshaped just to focus on surviving dragon attacks, so it seems. But it gets a lot more morally complicated for our heroine when she gets to see the other side of the equation, and witnesses a very different new city under dragon protection. Can she discover the truth, and if so, is there anything she can do about it? A riveting tale. – fuzzylogic (Amazon.ca)

In Daughter of Athena, we’re immersed in a post-apocalyptic world with advanced technology. Most people live inside the city with only a few brave souls venturing outside. At the same time, we have fire-breathing beasts and magic. And magic is one of the tools Amara uses in her dragon hunting. Amara lives in a Chicago which is very different from the one we know. After being all but demolished by dragons, it is rebuilt in an old style, with smaller, more ornate buildings made of mostly brick and metal so the dragons can’t melt them. As we follow Amara’s journey of self-discovery, we learn that not everything is as it seems. The writing is easy to follow and there are intriguing twists along the way. A winning combination of Dystopia and Epic Fantasy! – J. C. (Amazon.com)

Daughter of Athena was a book i couldnt put down. The action starts from the very first page as Amara the dragonslayer hunts and kills a dragon and the story starts to unravel from there as you learn how dragons returned and destroyed cities. Amara was a brilliant lead and i really felt like i could see it all unfolding as i read. Well done. – chantelle abrams (Amazon.co.uk)

I received a free copy. What would you do if you found out you were made only to destroy dragons. And what would you do if you found there was a connection between you and dragons? What would you do if you discovered that everyone is lying to you? This is the dilemma faced by our heroine, Amara. Fast-paced adventure that keeps you on your toes. – Patricia A. Beaver (Amazon.com)

It devastated her life when she found out. She was manipulated by everyone and had no friends. She had dragon DNA because she was genetically manipulated but, without her knowledge of these circumstances, she was a dragon slayer. Her life gets extremely complicated. Find out how she ends up saving earth and Dragonia, the Dragon planet. – Monica (Amazon.com)

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