Sita’s Dark: Sorento Series: Book One

Sita's Dark Sorento Series Book One by Paulina Denay 1As twenty-eight year old Sita stumbles into her old bedroom in the Sorento Mansion, she is slowly immersed into the past when she finds a dust covered letter from an old love under the bed.

Though she’s never seen this letter before, the memories of her first love began to wash over her as she reads, even as her current husband waits for her to figure out what she wants from their marriage.

But Sita can’t think about the present, not when the past has just slapped her in the face…

In 1998, fourteen year old Sita Wainwright left her small town life in Georgia and moved into the home of the wealthy Sorento’s in New York. With her grandmother’s untimely death and a need to escape her drug dealing past, Sita believed that living with the Sorento’s would be a way to start over.

Little did she know, starting over with the Sorento’s would lead her down an even darker path riddled with abuse, lies and drug addiction.

A long time ago, before her turbulent marriage to the man she was no longer sure was the love of her life, Sita had sworn that she’d never let what happened during her four year stay with the Sorento’s effect her ever again.

But as she reads this decade old letter from the man she’d once held dear to her heart, Sita’s present and past collide in a way that she never thought it would.

Book 1 of the Sorento series follows Sita through four different periods in her life, from a hard-nosed teenager who thinks she knows everything, to a woman of nearly thirty who realizes that she knows nothing.

Set in Manhattan, New York between the years of 1998 to 2012, Sita’s Dark will have readers seething in anger and crying one moment then laughing at the antics of some of it’s characters in the next.

Sita’s Dark contains a few graphic/adult themed scenes that aren’t for the faint of heart. There is also a consensual virginity claiming, between two adults, that borders on erotica.

There is a cliffhanger that leads into book two.

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