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How to save the dragon: Children’s book for teaching impulse control

How to save the dragon Children’s book for teaching impulse control by Madeleine MatthewsTeach impulse control to your little ones with one of the best impulse control books for kids.

Embrace a science-based, yet practical and kid friendly approach to influence children’s behavior and reaction to everyday situations.

Imagine your kids reacting calmly when asked to put an item down in the grocery store, to go home from the playing field when asked and generally to understand the situation and not react impulsively. Continue reading

A Separation of Worlds

A Separation of Worlds by Rainbow MaccabreThe light pouring out of Brittany’s body was something she’d only ever seen in her dreams, where flowers danced and unicorns swarmed.

When the bus tipped and the blood poured, her light came into reality, protecting her and her friends. If only she could have reached everyone.

The light wasn’t the only thing from her dreams that was real. Continue reading

We’re influencing more book buyers than ever before!

Spike in Follows on Digital Book Girl BlogOur blog follow count is spiking!

Thanks to all the fabulous authors and books we promote, as well as all the wonderful people who visit, follow, interact with & share our blog—we are now influencing more book buyers than ever before!

We appreciate each and every one of you and hope to bring you more great content as we continue to grow and develop! Continue reading


Restoration by Daniel C. McWhorter The year is 2075 and the human race is dying. Decades of war, famine, and bio-engineering have finally taken their toll, and birth rates have declined to near zero.

The leaders of two of the solar system’s largest corporations believe they can save humanity, but they will have to break the law to do it.

When Doctor Evan Feldman decided to have his body frozen immediately after his death, he always hoped that one day the technology would exist to cure his cancer-ravaged body. Continue reading