Sins of Greed: A Tale of Two Fools, Book One

Sins of Greed: A Tale of Two Fools, Book One by C. TarradellFollowing the death of his famous scribe and author father, Abben Dindle is thrown into life at court, expected to serve his nation and perform his duties just as his father did;

but when both his King and his King’s Royal Seer are broken people, hurt and full of personal vengeance, Abben finds his job to be harder than he expected as he’s thrown into the middle of the plotting and scheming of nations and the greed and sins of men.

Welcome to Lurinlia.

A nation of magic and wizardry, but also of drama and intrigue. A nation on the brink of two wars, one within and one not, due to drastic ideals put in place by it’s paranoid, broken and suffering ruler, Sovereign Faelin Jording. A nation, a society, an entire population being used, without remorse, as fodder and as a necessary evil for it’s vengeful Royal Sibyl, Evelia Ingrin.

But the sins of these two suffering, kindred spirits shall not go unchecked. Under binding rituals did they swear oaths to the Gods to practice their rule and their power benevolently.

When the Gods are lied to, the Gods are not happy.

Someone will pay for their treachery.

As Abben Dindle, a scribe at Faelin Jording’s court, is caught in the middle of the plotting and the scheming of broken nations and arrogant men, he must learn to maneuver through a world much more complicated than he thought.

How will he do it?

Amazon Reviews:

From the ease and flow of which the story is told, to the vivid descriptions of the characters, places and things. You will be transported into the world of Sins of Greed! You won’t be able to put the book down and if you must, you’ll be wondering what could possibly be happening next. This book captures your attention and plays into your imaginative side. It’s a truly wonderful read and I can’t wait for the next books in this series! – Amazon Customer (Paperback – Verified Purchase)

I always like to support new or local authors. Providing feedback to their work makes them a better write and goes a long way. Typically, i would go to a library and check the “New and Upcoming” section but decided to try on Amazon. I’m at chapter 6 right now and I’m hooked. You can tell the writer took his time with the writing. It goes a long way and shows the amount of detail in his work. The words used to describe the characters, setting, and even the food really painted a detailed picture through and through. If you like the fantasy genre and enjoy a well put together story, I would highly recommend! – Giovanni Pena (Paperback – Verified Purchase)

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