The Lamiastriga

The Lamiastriga by Irina SlavHiding in plain sight among humans, dragons, demons, and vampires live, each with their own desires and needs.

More powerful than all of them are the lamiastrigas, immortal witches who can play with the elements and human lives at will.

Dragons and lamiastrigas get along like fire and ice but when lamiastriga Catherine and dragon Simon are faced with a plot to end all supernatural life on earth, they can only count on each other to survive and maybe, with some luck, find out who’s behind it.

A dragon’s touch can kill and a lamia’s touch can heal but Catherine and Simon discover a touch can do a lot more than that. The two mortal enemies find themselves attracted to each other, going against legend and common sense, and with no idea how it will all end. Possibly in the destruction of the whole world…

Perhaps the world is not just for humans. Or is it?

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