When We Were Brave

When We Were Brave by Karla M. JayIn WHEN WE WERE BRAVE, we find a conflicted SS officer, Wilhelm Falk, who risks everything to escape the Wehrmacht and get out the message about the death camps.

Izaak is a young Jewish boy whose positive outlook is challenged daily as each new perilous situation comes along.

American citizens, Herbert Müller and his family, are sent back to the hellish landscape of Germany because of the DNA coursing through their veins.

In the panorama of World War II, these are the high-stakes plots and endearing characters whose braided fates we pray will work out in the end.

Amazon Reviews:

What a fantastic book. Kept me so intrigued as to what was happening with the individuals that I couldn’t put the book down. To know from the individuals their experiences. – Audrey

It’s almost uncomprehensible the atrocities that occurred in these extermination camps. I have visited Dachau and seen the remnants of what is described in When We Were Brave and can easily picture the lives of Wilhelm, Izaak and Herbert. – Denise Johnson

The author brings to life 3 main characters and all the heart-warming and heart-breaking events in their lives during WWII. Ms. Jay has done a tremendous job portraying the many ways that the tragedy of war affect people’s lives. If you’re looking for a historical fiction for your next read, I suggest When We Were Brave! – m.d.

A young Jewish boy who believes the crowded train is taking him to find his papa, a patriotic American family ripped from their Pennsylvania home for no reason other than their German heritage, and a disillusioned SS officer risking life and family in a seemingly impossible quest to stop the extermination of his Jewish countrymen. In When We Were Brave, we experience the horrors—and hopes—of WWII through three unique, but ultimately connected stories. Each is deeply moving in its own way, and ultimately connected to the others. Whether you’re a history buff or just a lover of tales well told, read Karla Jay’s book. – Jeffrey Lowder

A wonderful book! It is so important to understand history because it affects the present and, if we are not careful, atrocities like the Holocaust can be repeated in the future. Unfortunately, history was not one of my favorite subjects. I have learned that a well-researched fictional account of history can be just the answer. This is definitely the case with When We Were Brave. Karla Jay has created a wonderful account of how three families from three different countries… Germany, the Netherlands and the United States remained bonded in hope & love for one another throughout the atrocities that they endured during the Holocaust. While I totally enjoyed the intricate personal relationships between the families that she created and how they all became interconnected in the end, I also learned so many things that I did not know that went on during the history of that period. The fictional characters were well-created and the historical information was well-researched. Read it….you won’t be sorry. – CCD

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