Finding Heaven in the Dark

Finding Heaven in the DarkA cross country hitchhiking trek is the backdrop of this personal odyssey of the 17 year old William L. Ingram, the author of Finding Heaven In The Dark.

The tumultuous 1960s themes of race relations, political turmoil, assassinations, and the Vietnam War also play major roles as Mr. Ingram recounts the events surrounding his self-destructive rebellion and desertion from the Marine Corps.

William’s dark journey began with his birth to a young, Black American, unwed mother in 1949, and takes the reader on a spiritual journey of a fugitive living in a Los Angeles skid row rescue mission. What happens next is both insightful and truly compelling. The author’s search for a purposeful life view and identity is inspiring and will resonate with anyone who has questioned the deeper meaning of life.

This Christ centered spiritual tale of loss and redemption could read like a story from the Bible, but it is William Ingram’s testimony to his love of the life affirming principals of the “Be Still and Know” Christian Meditation that guided him through his Bright Passage to the shores of Heaven.

Amazon Reviews:

An interesting journey with redemption and spiritual insight. Well written, historical and nostalgic, definitely worth the read! – Mary

This book will amaze you. You will learn a little about places you may have never encountered from the inside. Thank you, Mr. Ingram for your well-told experiences. – Rose Schempp

Couldn’t put this one down. The author is a strong storyteller. He reveals so many of mans concerns while growing. He also plainly writes words to understand much of those challenges. This is a man I view to be of great courage and wisdom culled from his experiences. I’m grateful for the read. – Patricia

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